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NET Television Online televízióNET Television

Málta / Nyilvános TV

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NET Television is a terrestrial television station in Malta owned by Media.link Communications, the media arm of the Nationalist Party. It started broadcasting in 1998 from Pietà, Malta.

One TV Online televízióOne TV

Málta / Nyilvános TV / Hírek TV

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One (stylized as ONE and previously known as Super One Television) is a television station in Malta owned by One Productions, the Labour Party's media arm. Broadcasts commenced in March 1994.

Parliament TV Online televízióParliament TV

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Parliament TV is a terrestrial television network in Malta that broadcasts the proceedings of the Parliament of Malta. It was established in 2015 following the relocation of Parliament to the new parliament building in Valletta.

Prior to 2012, proceedings of Parliament were not broadcast in video form but audio coverage of parliamentary debates was carried on Radju Malta 2. Parliament began a pilot project in May 2012 to webcast debate and committee meetings live over the internet until Parliament relocated to its new building which was properly set up for live television broadcasting.

TVM Online televízióTVM

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Television Malta (TVM) is a terrestrial television network in Malta operated by the national broadcaster, Public Broadcasting Services. TVM broadcasts a mix of news, sport, entertainment, magazine programming and children's programmes. It is funded through a government grant and commercial advertising. The majority of programmes broadcast on TVM are produced externally of PBS. PBS publishes details of the types of programmes it wishes to broadcast on TVM and production companies provide PBS with a detailed report of their proposal for the programme.

TVM2 Online televízióTVM2

Málta / Nyilvános TV

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TVM2 is a terrestrial television network in Malta, operated by national broadcaster Public Broadcasting Services. Unlike the more wide-ranging TVM network, TVM2 focuses primarily on cultural and education programming. The network was originally launched as Education 22, an educational television service operated by the Maltese government's Ministry of Education, Employment and the Family. In March 2012 responsibility for the channel was shifted from the Ministry to the national broadcaster, Public Broadcasting Services, and the network began broadcasting as TVM2 on 8 March 2012.