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{name} online televisionCeuta Televisión

Spagna / TV locale

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Ceuta Televisión es la televisión privada de Ceuta. Comenzó sus emisiones en 2007. Actualmente emite varios programas de producción propia. Laura Ortiz, Susana Iñesta, Javier Sakona, Nacho Gallego y Paulina Rodríguez son los rostros de la cadena. El director actual es Manuel González Bolorino. Es un medio plural e independiente que ofrece al público actualidad y entretenimiento. El informativo 'Noticias de Ceuta', editado por Laura Ortiz, se emite de lunes a viernes, a las 20.30 horas, y en redifusión a las horas en punto, a partir de las 22.00 horas. Actualmente, entre 11.30 y 13.00 h. y de lunes a viernes, Ceuta TV emite en directo desde uno de sus platós el programa magazine 'Gran Vía' dirigido y presentado por Nacho Gallego, que cuenta cada día con distintas secciones y varios colaboradores que abordan temas de actualidad.

{name} online televisionCGTN-Français

Francia / Notizie

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CGTN-Français (anciennement CCTV-Français) est une chaîne de télévision chinoise francophone à diffusion internationale, contrôlée par la Télévision centrale de Chine (CCTV) CGTN Français est une chaîne de télévision avec des programmes en continu 24h/24 ! Articulées autour des journaux d'informations, qui constituent le cœur de notre chaîne, plusieurs programmes sont aussi à votre disposition afin de satisfaire toutes vos envies, que ce soit des programmes culturels riches, des émissions de services, ou encore des programmes de divertissement. Retransmis dans 87 pays et zones, et disponible partout dans le monde sur Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, ou Weibo, CGTN Français est toujours à vos côtés afin de vous informer en temps réel.

{name} online televisionChannel 199

Stati Uniti d'America / TV locale

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Channel 199 is the Community TV channel for Daytona Beach, Florida. The channel provides Live City Commission Meetings, Agency & Boards meetings, Planning Board meetings, Workshops and Special Presentations.

{name} online televisionChannel 21

Germania / Stile di vita

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Channel 21 (ehemals RTL Shop) ist ein deutschsprachiger Teleshopping-Sender. Er sendet rund um die Uhr. Gestartet wurde er als dritter Teleshopping-Sender in Deutschland (nach HSE24 und QVC). Einer der Moderatoren war Walter Freiwald, der ursprünglich bei QVC, aber auch die RTL-Sendung Der Preis ist heiß co-moderierte.

{name} online televisionChannel 4

Regno Unito / Tv pubblica

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Channel 4 is a British public-service television broadcaster that began transmission on 2 November 1982. Although largely commercially self-funded, it is ultimately publicly owned; originally a subsidiary of the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA), the station is now owned and operated by Channel Four Television Corporation, a public corporation of the Department for Culture, Media & Sport, which was established in 1990 and came into operation in 1993. With the conversion of the Wenvoe transmitter group in Wales to digital on 31 March 2010, Channel 4 became a UK-wide TV channel for the first time.

{name} online televisionChannel 44

Australia / Tv pubblica

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Channel 44 is a free-to-air community television channel in Adelaide, South Australia. C44 features locally and nationally made content and has been broadcasting since 23 April 2004. Since 2004 Channel 44 has been beaming into households across Adelaide. C44 is Adelaide’s own community, not for profit, free to air television station providing locally-based, national and international programs.
C44 has entered a new era and today boasts a new identity, a new team, a new location, a new digital broadcasting suite and a collection of new niche programs. What has not changed is the station’s local passion and pride and commitment to promoting all that is Adelaide.

{name} online televisionChannel 5

Regno Unito / Tv pubblica

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Channel 5 is a British commercial television network. It was launched in 1997, and was the fifth national terrestrial analogue network in the United Kingdom after BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, and Channel 4. It is generally the fifth-placed network in the country in audience share, and has been since its inception. Five was launched as Britain's fifth and final terrestrial broadcaster on the 31st March 1997. Currently well over 30 million UK viewers watch Five any given week tuning in for programming as diverse as the CSI franchise, Extraordinary People, live UEFA CUP Football, House, Home & Away and Paul Merton in China, as well as the channel's award winning children's strand, Milkshake! 2008 saw the arrival of the hit Australian soap Neighbours, and a revamped and relaunched Five News fronted by Natasha Kaplinsky.

{name} online televisionChannel 5+1

Regno Unito / Divertimento

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Channel 5+1 is the home of great television for all the family, that includes entertainment, documentaries, sport, drama from the UK and US, films, reality, comedy, children’s and news. Everything you love from Channel 5, just 1 hour later.

{name} online televisionChannel 9

Australia / Divertimento

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The Nine Network is an Australian commercial free-to-air television network, that is a division of Nine Entertainment Co. with headquarters based in Willoughby, a suburb located on the North Shore of Sydney, Australia. The Nine Network is one of three main free-to-air commercial networks in Australia.

{name} online televisionChannel 9

Grecia / Tv pubblica

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Το Channel 9 δημιουργήθηκε από ένα έμπειρο επιτελείο τεχνικών και ανθρώπων του χώρου της ελληνικής τηλεόρασης. Ο στόχος μας είναι να καλύψουμε τις ανάγκες του τηλεοπτικού κοινού στην περιφέρεια Αττικής. Τελικός σκοπός είναι η δημιουργία προγράμματος γενικού ενδιαφέροντος με έμφαση σε θέματα οικονομίας και πολιτικής και συνεργασίες με μεγάλα ενημερωτικά δίκτυα του εξωτερικού.

{name} online televisionChef TV

Brasile / Stile di vita

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Chef TV é um canal de televisão por assinatura que pertence ao Grupo Mídia do Brasil. O canal é totalmente voltado à gastronomia , sendo o primeiro canal desse estilo do Brasil . O canal teve sua estreia no dia 17 de janeiro de 2011, às 8:00 h. O canal apresenta 24 horas de programação voltada a temas gastronômicos, incluindo: cozinha dos grandes chefs, confeiteiros, comida saudável, mundo dos vinhos, propriedades dos alimentos, cozinha básica, sustentabilidade, entre outros.

{name} online televisionChérie 25

Francia / Musica

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Chérie 25 est une chaîne de télévision thématique nationale française gratuite appartenant à NRJ Group. Elle a commencé sa diffusion le 12 décembre 2012 à 12 h 55 sur le canal 25.

{name} online televisionCHTV

Svizzera / Tv pubblica / Divertimento

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Seit 2013 sendet CHTV aus Luzern in der ganzen Schweiz. Digital auf allen Kanälen erreichbar bietet unser Sender eine willkommene Abwechslung in der grauen Schweizer TV-Landschaft. Wir kreieren, fördern und provozieren.

Keine bereits im Überfluss ausgestrahlten Formate sondern ausgewählte Sozial- und Naturdokumentationen, erlesene Filmklassiker sowie kulturelle Eigenproduktionen prägen CHTV. Mit Letzteren bieten wir im Rahmen von «Atelier» und «KultSchweiz» den Künstlerinnen und Künstlern eine Plattform, sich, ihre Arbeit und die Philosophie dahinter zu präsentieren.

{name} online televisionCielo TV

Italia / TV locale

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Cielo è un canale televisivo italiano privato edito da Sky Italia.
Dal 2013 la direttrice di Cielo è Antonella D'Errico. Cielo è disponibile sul digitale terrestre nelle aree coperte dal multiplex Rete A 1 del Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso al canale 26, e su Sky Italia al canale 126 (visibile via satellite solo con abbonamento a partire dal 22 agosto 2011.) Il 14 febbraio 2011 la rete passa al formato panoramico 16:9.

{name} online televisionCITV

Regno Unito / Tv per bambini

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CITV (short for Children's ITV) is a British children's television channel from ITV Digital Channels Ltd, a division of ITV plc. It broadcasts content from the CITV archive and acquisitions, every day from 6am to 9pm which was previously 6am to 6pm until 21 February 2016 (although Freeview viewers still close at 6pm) in an attempt to compete with CBBC. It is also the title of a programming block on the ITV network at weekends.


{name} online televisionCity of Charlotte TV

Stati Uniti d'America / TV locale

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The City of Charlotte is the largest municipality located in the state of North Carolina. Charlotte has a Council-Manager form of government with 11 Council Members, a Mayor and a professional City Manager to oversee day-to-day operations.

{name} online televisionCity Tv

Bulgaria / Musica

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Сity е българска музикална медия за модерна музика. Радиото е създадено като локална софийска станция през 1998г. от Камен Спасов, основателят на "Ка Мюзик" и който е отворил и първият легален музикален магазин в България - "Морис Мюзик". През 2001г. получава национален лиценз. През 2005 е закупено от ирландската компания Communicorp. Същата година стартира и едноименен музикален ТВ канал. Медията излъчва музикални програми и клипове. От 2012г. преминава във формат 16:9.

{name} online televisionCity TV

Ungheria / Notizie / Affari

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A City TV a Budapest V. kerületi Önkormányzat kábeltévéje, amely a Belváros és Budapest eseményeivel, híreivel egyaránt foglalkozik.

Oldalainkon információkat találhat cégünkről, műsorainkról, híreinkről és a City TV-nél jelenleg elérhető szolgáltatásokról.

{name} online televisionCityTV

Stati Uniti d'America / TV locale

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CityTV is the City of San Diego's municipal government access cable channel. CityTV provides live televised coverage of the San Diego City Council and other public meetings that shape our community and our quality of life. The City of San Diego's use of external social media is provided as a public service. The City disclaims liability for advertisements, videos, promoted content, or comments accessible from any external web page. The responsibility for external content of comments rests with the organizations or individuals providing them. Any inclusion of external content or comments on social media sites does not imply endorsement by the City of San Diego.

{name} online televisionClan

Spagna / Tv per bambini

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Clan es un canal de televisión abierta español de índole infantil, perteneciente a TVE que emite series y dibujos animados a través de la televisión digital terrestre y en operadoras de televisión por suscripción. Sus principales competidores son los canales infantiles Boing y Disney Channel. Los Lunnis, Pocoyó, Caillou... Y también Wickie el Vickingo, La abeja Maya, Barrio Sésamo. ¡Y además un montón de vídeos y juegos para pasar un buen rato entretenidos en familia! Apúntate al nuevo portal infantil de, ¡porque todos somos como niños!

{name} online televisionclubbing TV

Francia / Musica

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Clubbing TV is the world's first dance music television dedicated entirely to the Electronic Scene featuring the best DJs, Dance music and the craziest clubs! Definitely a 24/7 celebration of club culture and FUN!

{name} online televisionCNews

Francia / Notizie

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CNews, anciennement connue sous le nom d'I-Télévision puis d'I-Télé, est une chaîne de télévision française d'information nationale en continu. La chaîne est renommée CNews le 27 février 2017 à 5 h 58, appellation qui fut repoussée suite à la plus longue grève jamais connue dans l'histoire de la chaîne encore à ce moment sous l'ère I-Télé (le changement de nom devait au départ avoir lieu le 24 octobre 2016). Le nom de Canal News intègre le préfixe « Canal » commun aux autres chaînes du groupe, C8 (anciennement D8) et CStar (anciennement D17). Les nouveaux noms des trois chaînes gratuites permettent de les rapprocher du groupe Canal+ et de ses chaînes à péage.

{name} online televisionCNL

Russia / Religione

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CNL - это крупнейшая христианская спутниковая телесеть на русском и украинском языках, которая ведет вещание практически во всех странах мира, ретранслируется в Интернете, более чем в 400 кабельных сетях и эфирных станциях. Основателем является Максим Максимов.
Большинство вещателей и авторов программ – это хорошо известные во всем мире проповедники, учителя, евангелисты, священники.
Цель телеканала - давать христианские учения через развлекательные и вдохновляющие формы телевизионного вещания для того, чтобы принести жизнь и надежду в жизни людей, тем самым, изменить общество, поднять его моральный и духовный уровень.

{name} online televisionCNL Україна

Ucraina / Religione

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CNL — це найбільша християнська телемережа, яка веде мовлення практично у всіх країнах світу, ретранслюється в Інтернеті, більш ніж в 400 кабельних мережах і ефірних станціях. Засновником є пастор Максим Олексійович Максимов. CNL - это крупнейшая христианская спутниковая телесеть на русском и украинском языках, которая ведет вещание практически во всех странах мира, ретранслируется в Интернете, более чем в 400 кабельных сетях и эфирных станциях. Основателем является Максим Максимов.

{name} online televisionCNN

Stati Uniti d'America / Notizie

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The Cable News Network is an American basic cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner. It was founded in 1980 by American media proprietor Ted Turner as a 24-hour cable news channel. Upon its launch, CNN was the first television channel to provide 24-hour news coverage,[3] and was the first all-news television channel in the United States.

{name} online televisionCNNj

Giappone / Notizie

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{name} online televisionCode Fashion

Bulgaria / Stile di vita

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CodeFashion е специализиран портал за българска и световна мода. Code Fashion показва актуалните модни тенденценции тук и по света, интервюира само интересни и актуални личности. Code Fashion е различната медия, която няма да прави компромиси в качеството на новини, отразяване на стойностни събития, брандове и личности. Медията ще показва ексклузивни кадри от топ модното събитие – Sofia Fashion Week през всичките му издания.

{name} online televisionColumna TV

Romania / TV locale

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Televiziunea Columna se află pe primul loc în județul Dâmbovița în topul preferințelor telespectatorilor și pe locul 7 în topul televiziunilor locale din țară. ColumnaTV înseamnă echipă, respect, devotament, încredere, putând fi definit ca un post informativ și de divertisment. Zi de zi, încercăm să îmbogățim viața oamenilor prin doza de muzică de calitate din tezaurul folcloric național și emisiuni informative care corespund gusturilor și așteptărilor telespectatorilor. Columna TV este o televiziune regională, având o arie de acoperire teritorială în județul Dâmbovița și în județele: Prahova, Ilfov, Argeș, Teleorman, Giurgiu, Călărași, Ialomița și București.

{name} online televisionComing Soon Television

Italia / Divertimento

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Coming Soon Television è stata un'emittente televisiva italiana dedicata interamente al mondo del cinema. è la tua fonte di informazione su cinema, home video, serie TV, musica, games e libri. Scopri tutte le novità, i trailer, i video e le foto! Coming Soon Television è stato uno dei pochi canali televisivi italiani a trasmettere via satellite in chiaro già dalla seconda metà degli anni 1990. Il 30 giugno 2010 ha però abbandonato la frequenza satellitare[1], rimanendo visibile solo attraverso il digitale terrestre, nel mux Mediaset 2.

{name} online televisionCommunity 12TV

Stati Uniti d'America / TV locale

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The City of Gainesville is committed to providing exceptional services that enhance the quality of life for the Gainesville community. Living in Gainesville means enjoying a vibrant community that really offers something for everyone regardless of which path you take. If you are looking for more information about the City of Gainesville