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    Номер телефона: +1-473-440-3033 or 473-440-1252
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    The Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN) is the leading and largest network on the island of Grenada. GBN is jointly owned by One Caribbean Media with sixty percent (60%) of the shares and the government of Grenada with the remaining forty percent (40%). The station consists of one (1) television station, GBN TV, and three (3) radio stations: Hot FM: 98.5 and 98.7; Classic FM: 105.5 and 105.9 and GBN Gospel: 96.9 and 97.1

    According to surveys conducted in 2015, GBN TV established itself as the leading medium for local television programming with its "Nightly News" and "Beyond the Headlines" programs taking the lead. They were followed by GBN's G'Morning Grenada, To The Point and Rock The Box.

    Become part of the Network's annual signature events that offer not only fantastic packages, but also branding, signage and visibility of products and services.

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