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    Progress does not stand still. Positive changes have touched television as well. Just 15-20 years ago, the centerpiece of the living room or recreation area was the television. Little personal "tragedies" were the norm: a child missed the screening of a new cartoon on television, Dad was late for a soccer game, and Mom could not enjoy another episode of her favorite "soap opera" or concert. And what battles and intrigues were waged in large families for the right to watch this particular program, while other channels were broadcasting no less interesting shows!

    The advent of publicly available Internet TV ended the confrontation and put an end to the frustrations. Now all family members can watch movies, sports, science and news at the same time. The Internet is available at any time of the day or night, and the superb quality of the "picture" gives incomparable pleasure. You can choose the best from a huge list of channels on the website and enjoy watching alone, with friends, or with the whole family.

    Why is online television more convenient?

    At the beginning of its history, Internet technology struggled to compete with traditional, antenna-based TV and a variety of video players. But, young people quickly realized all the advantages of the new broadcasting format. After all, with Internet TV it is possible to watch not only on the TV, in Smart-TV format, but also on a computer, tablet or laptop, or smartphone. That is, a person who has his own PC or mobile electronic device can turn on viewing at any time, regardless of location. The only important thing is to have a stable Internet signal. Not surprisingly, Internet TV in recent years has noticeably squeezed out traditional satellite and TV antennas.

    Its advantages are undeniable:
    - there are no restrictions on the viewing location. Internet TV through the site can be watched at home on the couch, in the office, while driving or on a long trip, travel;
    - No annoying ad units, interrupting a movie, match or a fascinating program. Advertising is placed on the site itself, and it does not interfere with viewing;
    - A wide selection of entertainment, educational, sports, recreational, and news channels on the site is designed for every age and hobby. There are a lot of interesting and important things for children, students and fans, movie fans of different genres, housewives and serious businessmen;
    - The web resource provides watching TV channels absolutely free of charge. There is no need to pay a subscription fee, to install satellite or conventional antennas, to be afraid of the actions of vandals who often cut off the "plates";
    - Excellent picture quality, without interference from rain, wind or unknown factors, "floating" signal. The image is contrast-rich, clear, well viewed even on miniature smartphone screens, and the sound is free from extraneous noise; - To watch shows and movies on our resource, you don't need to register, enter your personal information, or remember codes. Just go in and watch;
    - In today's families almost everyone has a personal computer, a smartphone, so the struggle for a place at the TV screen is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

    What channels you can watch

    Our site features TV channels for all tastes and ages:
    • «CNN», «NBC News»;
    • «LCN», «Fox Sports», «3ABN»;
    • «ABC News», «ABN Sat»;
    • «C-SPAN», «CBN»;
    • «Fox», «ТHGTV»;
    • and many other "tasty" and useful channels, including novelties.
    We give users a unique opportunity to choose programs to their taste, without looking back at other family members and the only available TV. All you have to do is go to the web resource and find your favorite show or movie.

    How to choose "your" channel To save time, you can use the built-in search engine - enter the name of the desired channel and press "Enter" or the magnifying glass icon. If you want something new, go through the sections. Individual pages contain news, sports, music TV channels, broadcasts by countries and regions of the Russian Federation. Short descriptions allow you to quickly make a choice.

    Are you still pondering? You shouldn't be! Join a community of cutting-edge movie buffs and hot news fans. Thanks to Online TV you'll always be up-to-date with the latest scientific discoveries, political, sports and economic events. You'll be able to watch new movies and cartoons, have fun and learn, find useful, educational programs for kids, schoolchildren, students. You will live a full life at any time of the day or night. The future is in online television technology!