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{name} online television3ABN Australia

Австралія / Релі́гія

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The 3ABN International channel is available 24/7 on the IS-20 and Optus D2 satellites in Australia, and Optus D2 in New Zealand. 3ABN Australia is a TV broadcaster based in Australia. It’s a Christian channel that broadcasts independent, nondenominational Christian programming to help people heal where they are hurting. Programs from the 3 Angels Broadcasting Network cover topics including divorce recovery, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, cooking and health, smoking cessation and weight loss, family and child issues

{name} online television3ABN Latino

Іспанія / Релі́гія

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3ABN Latino es una cadena de televisión y radio con servicio las 24 horas. El enfoque de 3ABN es presentar una programación que llegue a cada persona que esté sufriendo espiritual, física o mentalmente. 3ABN ofrece programas que ayudan en casos de divorcio, recuperación física, abandono del alcohol, tabaco y otras drogas, asuntos de nutrición, pérdida de peso, problemas de hogar y familia y otros. Ofrece también programas para niños, de jardinería orgánica, remedios caseros naturales, programas de música góspel, así como una variedad de temas bíblicos de inspiración para niños y adultos.

{name} online television3ML

Нідерланди / Релі́гія

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Omroep 3ML is de lokale omroep voor de Gemeente Leudal en de Gemeente Maasgouw. 3ML is een streekomroep voor de gemeenten Maasgouw en Leudal. De omroep is ontstaan na een fusie tussen Studio Maasbracht en Omroep Leudal, dit naar aanleiding van gemeentelijke herindelingen.

{name} online televisionA9 TV

Туреччина / Релі́гія

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A9 TV, 21 Mart 2011 tarihinde yayına başlayan Türksat'tan yayın yapan televizyon kanalıdır. Türkiye'de Semerkand TV'den sonra geniş ekran yayın yapan 2. dini içerikli kanaldır. Evrim ve Darwinizm karşıtı olup İslam aleminin birleşmesi için çağrılarda bulunan yayınlar yapar.

{name} online televisionABN Sat 1

США / Релі́гія

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ABN is a non-denominational ministry committed to presenting the WORD of God and its transforming message of Jesus Christ to the world through media. We know that God has appointed ABN to accomplish a crucial task among Middle Eastern people world-wide. We long for increasing unity of the Spirit among the diverse groups of Arabic Coptic, Orthodox, Catholic, and Evangelical Christians. We long for more Muslims to know Jesus as their Savior and Lord. We long for all our viewers to grow in faith, love, and righteousness so they can become fully devoted followers of our Lord.

{name} online televisionACCTV - Australian Christian Channel

Австралія / Релі́гія

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The Australian Christian Channel is a Christian channel featured on subscription-based television in Australia. The Australian Christian Channel is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on Foxtel, Fetch TV and Optus. ACCTV is a Television Channel that offers quality programming with strong family values at its core. Suitable for all ages with content that satisfies each viewer whether it be Movies, Series, Documentaries or Teaching, the Channel offers variety and viewing on-demand to accommodate busy schedules.

{name} online televisionAdhyatma TV

Індія / Релі́гія

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Adhyatm TV spiritual channel. We are delicately engaged with Spiritual Music publishing in the brand name of Adhyatm Tv. Adhyatm Tv is an ultimate Devotional channel on facebook, You will find here best Devotional music like: Krishna Bhajans, Mantras, Sadguru Chintan,Documentary , Shlokas, Amritwani etc.

{name} online televisionADinet TV

Бразилія / Релі́гія

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ADinet TV O Canal Do Avivamento

{name} online televisionAhsan TV

Індонезія / Релі́гія

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Mendekatkan keluarga pada Sunnah, menghadirkan tayangan Sunnah ke tengah-tengah keluarga Anda.

{name} online televisionAl Karma TV

США / Релі́гія

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Alkarma TV is an Arabic Christian Channel that airs 24/7 to cover the world with the gospel.

{name} online televisionAlfa Omega TV

Румунія / Релі́гія

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Canalul Alfa Omega Tv a fost lansat in iunie 2006 pe satelit, acoperind Europa, nordul Africii si Orientul Mijlociu. Este un canal crestin interconfesional si interetnic ce isi propune sa promoveze valorile crestine in Romania, prin mijloace media. Alfa Omega TV este primul canal TV crestin in limba romana, cu emisie permanenta, 24/7. Poate fi receptionat pe satelit, retele locale de TV cablu si prin internet.

{name} online televisionALHorreya TV

США / Релі́гія

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Christian Arabic TV to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Salvation, Love and freedom to every man and woman through TV & media production

{name} online televisionAlmavision Tv

США / Релі́гія

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Almavision is an American television network broadcasting Christian programming in Spanish with affiliates across North and Central America. The network is carried via satellite on Echostar and SatMex 5, their slogan is "Television Cristiana...a la manera de Dios. " ("Christian television... in God's way.") and "Comprometidos con la verdad" ("committed to the truth").

{name} online televisionAltarek TV

США / Релі́гія

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فضائية مسيحية تغطي جميع أنحاء العالم بكل قاراته
و تهتم بتعميق مفهوم الحياة الكتابية و الروحيه و النظرة الحقوقية المتزنه وتدعم الجالية الناطقة بالعربيه وتتلمذ العابرين

{name} online televisionAmigos TV

Гватемала / Релі́гія

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Amigos TV is a Chiquimula, Guatemala, providing Christian Education, Talk and Entertainment. As a ministry of Iglesia Nacional Amigos de Guatemala, Amigos TV produces and airs family-friendly Christian-oriented bible study, lifestyle talk shows and events designed to appeal to the whole family.


{name} online televisionAngel TV

Індія / Релі́гія

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Angel TV is a 24-hour free to air religious HD channel operated by Trinity Television. Its motto is There is always something NEW! The goal of the channel is to encourage viewers to make positive lifestyle changes that will foster physical, spiritual, and mental health through its programming.
Angel TV is now available worldwide via satellite, TV, cable, and the Internet. Its programming is completely Biblical-related, though many of its shows are for entertainment.

{name} online televisionAngelus TV (Fátima)

Португалія / Релі́гія

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Canal de televisão católico em Portugues. Angelus TV é um canal de televisão católico português fundado em 2017 na cidade de Fátima, em Portugal. A sede da estação de televisão encontra-se nas proximidades do Santuário de Nossa Senhora de Fátima, na Cova da Iria, a partir do qual transmite várias celebrações diárias.

{name} online televisionAswaja TV

Індонезія / Місцеве ТБ / Релі́гія

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ASWAJA TV (kependekan dari Ahlussunnah wal Jama'ah Televisi) adalah stasiun televisi yang bernuansa Islami yang diluncurkan pada bulan Juli 2013. Dari namanya, ASWAJA TV merupakan stasiun TV yang berbasis Islam Sunni.
TV yang bersiaran lewat satelit Palapa D ini mulai mengudara sejak hari Kamis 25 Juli 2013 / malam 17 Ramadan 1434H bertepatan dengan malam Nuzulul Qur'an. Pada bulan Oktober 2013, ASWAJA TV mulai mempersiapkan untuk bisa menghadirkan fitur siaran streaming dengan target pemirsa Muslim yang berada di kawasan Asia dan Australia.

{name} online televisionBlessing TV

Індія / Громадські / Релі́гія

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The word of God to be made available to each and every home to have a direct communion with God day and night, to meditate the Word of God whenever they want, to worship God seated in their drawing room. As we are in the last days, God has chosen this Blessing Channel to shower God’s blessings to every one by purifying their lives and making each and every soul come to heaven. God has commanded Bro.Allen not to charge any money for telecasting any of the programmes in this channel as Telecast Charges.

{name} online televisionBoa Vontade TV

Бразилія / Релі́гія

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A Boa Vontade TV transmite conteúdo de elevação espiritual, paz, esperança e tranquilidade, encontrados principalmente na pregação ecumênica do Evangelho-Apocalipse de Jesus para os Simples de Coração, na explicação do jornalista, radialista e escritor José de Paiva Netto. Este conteúdo é o grande diferencial da programação.

{name} online televisionBungo TV

Індонезія / Місцеве ТБ / Релі́гія

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Bungo TV adalah satu-satunya stasiun Televisi Swasta di Kabupaten Bungo di Bawah Management Jawa Pos Group. Bungo TV mengudara pada saluran/channel 40 UHF.
Masyarakat kabupaten Bungo, masyarakat kabupaten Tebo, Merangin dan Darmasraya (Sumbar) bisa menyaksikan berita-berita seputar kabupaten Bungo dan sekitarnya.

{name} online televisionCanal 4 San Juan

Аргентина / Місцеве ТБ / Релі́гія

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Canal 4 de San Juan es una emisora de televisión que emite desde la ciudad argentina de San Juan, ubicada en el centro sur de la Provincia de San Juan.
Emite una programación local de interés general con perfil religioso católico. Es propiedad de la Arquidiócesis de San Juan de Cuyo. Su señal se expande por toda el área metropolitana del Gran San Juan, comprendiendo así San Juan ciudad y los departamentos de Rawson, Rivadavia, Chimbas y Santa Lucía y zonas aledañas, ya que no posee repetidoras por el interior de la provincia.

{name} online televisionCanal ABN

Колумбія / Місцеве ТБ / Релі́гія

2 944 переглядів

Pastores del Centro Mundial de Avivamiento, la iglesia hispana con mayor crecimiento en Iberoamérica. Creadores del programa Él Puede Hacerlo de Nuevo.

{name} online televisionCanal CJC

Бразилія / Релі́гія

3 442 переглядів

CJC ou Canal da Juventude Cristã é um canal de TV por assinatura de conteúdo religioso transmitido pela operadora Nossa TV, de propriedade de Romildo Ribeiro Soares (mais conhecido como R. R. Soares), Opera em sinal aberto no Rio de Janeiro, no canal 59 UHF.

{name} online televisionCanal Jesustv

Гватемала / Релі́гія

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Canal Jesustv Guatemala Ser un canal Católico que utilice los mejores recursos tecnológicos disponibles, para transmitir la Buena Nueva de Jesús a nivel nacional e internacional.

{name} online televisionCanal27

Гватемала / Релі́гія

1 948 переглядів

Somos un Canal de Televisión, cristiano, no lucrativo, apolítico. Nuestra visión es llevar el mensaje de Salvación en Cristo Jesús a toda Guatemala. Ser el canal cristiano con mas audiencia en toda Guatemala, llevando la señal hasta los lugares más recónditos, transmitiendo programas evangelísticos y de enseñanza, predicaciones, películas, programas de actualidad producidos localmente, usando la tecnología de punta, tecnología satelital, internet y redes sociales.

{name} online televisionCatholicTV

США / Релі́гія

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CatholicTV is a Catholic television network based in Watertown, Massachusetts. It is distributed on cable television systems and broadcast stations in sixteen U.S. states and the US Virgin Islands and via internet television. CatholicTV is a 24-hour ambassador of what is truly good and honorable about the Catholic Church in America. For many years, CatholicTV has provided the comfort and consolation of the daily Mass and Rosary, particularly for those who are hospitalized and homebound. In these times there is a great need to reach out to younger people, families and many who have become disenchanted with the Church. Simultaneously, we have come to a moment in history when television and the Internet are converging in a very powerful way. With innovative programming CatholicTV attempts to use these tools effectively to present the Lord Jesus and the gifts of His Church to a society longing for meaning and peace.

{name} online televisionCatolica TV

Болівія / Релі́гія

2 897 переглядів

Aunque su historia empezó un poco antes, en 1991, a la cabeza del P. Eduardo Pérez, que empujo un proyecto televisivo, “Copacabana de televisión “recién en 25 de junio de 1996, hace 18 años sale oficialmente, Católica de televisión, CTV. Canal 18 en UHF. Sus estudios estuvieron en la calle Armentia y desde 2002 en la calle Díaz Romero. Hoy tiene una presencia en el aire y en la sociedad. Se ha logrado una presencia televisiva diferente, más educativa, participativa y donde los principios y valores cristianos son preponderantes.

{name} online televisionCBN Espanol

США / Релі́гія

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The Christian Broadcasting Network is an American Christian-oriented religious television network and production company. Founded by televangelist Pat Robertson, its headquarters and main studios are based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. CBN News is an international, nonprofit news organization that provides programming 24 hours a day by cable, satellite and the Internet. CBN News offers today’s news headlines and stories that impact the global Christian community.

{name} online televisionCCTN 47

Філіппіни / Місцеве ТБ / Релі́гія

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Cebu Catholic Television Network (CCTN 47) is a broadcast television channel owned by the Archdiocese of Cebu in the Philippines. The station’s studios located at the CCTN Broadcast Center, Cardinal Rosales Avenue, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City. This also known as the first Catholic TV station on free TV.